The First 50
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Linear Eqns
First 50 - Code

What is The First 50 collection?

The First 50 is a collection of 50 programs that I was asked to write years ago.

There are a wide variety of programs in this collection, some more useful than others, some very simple and some quite complex. 

To download the zip file containing the collection click on the link shown right. The 38G version has been split into two parts due to the limited amount of memory on the 38G.

It is very important that these programs are  downloaded and un-zipped to a single folder that was empty beforehand. The 38G version must be un-zipped into two folders.

39/40G, 39g+, 39/40gs users

38G users
When you access them from the calculator via RECV you will find that they are grouped into the same categories that you can see on the menu buttons left. Just choose the ones you want using the CHK button. The 38G version contains the same categories but split into two parts.

Some important points:

bulletAlthough there is room for all of them on a 39/40 the old 38G had only 23K of memory. If you have one of those then you will need to be selective.
bulletMany of these programs are provided specially for students coming to an HP school from one using another brand. The other brands seem to rely heavily on small programs like these for things that are often more easily done on an HP using an aplet, but my experience with students like these is that they sometimes don't want to know - they just want their programs "like I had before". So if you are an experienced HP user and wonder why there is a program to find Tn, Sn and sum to infinity of a GP when you can do it far more easily by entering the formulae into the Solve aplet, that's why.
bulletIf you want the source code for the programs then click on the link "First 50 - Code" to the left. Be patient if you're on a dial-up connection: the page is quite large and has a lot of images.
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