Finding Aplets

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Finding Aplets and e-Lessons

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There are three main sources of e-Lessons on the web.  Hewlett Packard's site contains a set of aplets that were originally produced for the HP38G but have been updated (by me) for the more recent machines.  The two remaining sites are this one, which houses by far the largest collection of aplets, and Eric Rechlin's site Eric's site does not (I think) contain any original aplets but does contain a very well organized collection of everyone else's aplets, including those from  HPs site.  It also includes many games and has the ability to do a search for keywords, which my site doesn't.

On this site the aplets are broken into the categories of 'Games' and 'Aplets'. Click on the tags on the main page of this site to access them. There should be no problem running most of the aplets but the games are mainly written for the old models HP39G & HP40G which were released in 2000. If you try to run them on the later models (hp 39g+, hp 39gs & hp 40gs) then you may encounter problems in two ways. Firstly, the newer calculators are so much faster that many of the games are unplayable. Secondly, some of the games access the chip directly and this can cause problems on the newer calculators because the chips are different. There is a risk of the calculator locking up and requiring a reset which may cause loss of stored memory (but almost certainly no worse damage than that).

On the 'Aplets' page the further categories are:

bulletMath aplets - these are the ones that are useful in teaching or doing mathematics. 
They are further broken down as:
bulletThe Curve Collection
A set of equations for a variety of interesting curves with instructions on how to display them on the calculator.
bulletFunctions & Calculus
bulletStatistics & Probability
bulletHP Aplets - these are the same as the ones on HP's site, with more that they decided not to update.
bulletThe First 50 - a collection of 50 small programs. I wrote these years ago at HP's request and they perform a variety of small but useful tasks.
bulletScience Aplets - a collection that I wrote for the HP38G that I've never updated due to lack of demand. You can't use them with later models.

I strongly suggest that you browse through these pages and have a look at what is there. Many of them are very useful (if I do say so myself) and well worth keeping. Some of them have been so popular that HP incorporated them into the newer calculators as built in aplets! (The Trig Explorer and Quad Explorer)

All my aplets contain a Word file containing instructions on how to use the aplet. I insist that anyone who wants to see their aplet on this site must also supply documentation but the quality is often not very high. Many of my aplets also include worksheets for classroom use that can be photocopied and used in lessons. All are free of charge and can be copied and used for educational purposes. You can give copies of them to students but you can't distribute them yourself for profit, nor can you place them on another website without clearing it with the author (generally me).

Note: Most of the material which you will find on these sites is supplied in compressed format as a ZIP file.  A ZIP file is a compressed format which allows a whole collection of files to be downloaded in a compact form, and before you can transfer it to your calculator you will need to expand the files. Windows XP and Vista have extraction software built into them but the best way to do it is NOT to simply double click on the file. Instead, right click on the file. In the pop-up menu, one of the options is to extract the files...

Alternatively, a commonly used extraction program is WinZip. This is cheap to purchase but you can also use a trial version that keeps reminding you to buy.

You must be sure to expand any ZIP files into empty directories so that there is no chance of overwriting the files of another e-Lesson with those belonging to the new aplet. This is critical. Every aplet must have its own folder.


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