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If you want to be able to establish communication between your hp 39gs, hp 40gs or hp 39g+ and your PC then you should already have the cable you need, as it is supplied in the package. You also need software but that's discussed on another page. You must have a PC running Windows - Mac or Unix versions are unfortunately not available at present, although that may change with time.

If you've bought a second hand calculator with no cable then you can purchase one from any electronics store. The cable is a very common one that commonly used by digital cameras. Print out this page and take it with you if you're unsure. The cost in Australia is about $20 per cable.

Note: If you're wondering, the cable for the hp 39gs, hp 40gs and hp 39g+ uses the USB port on the computer. It is NOT the same as the cable for the HP38G, HP39G & HP40G which uses the serial port. Most computers no longer have a serial port as standard equipment and hence the change.

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