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Instructions for Use

These files are programs not aplets. You must be in the calculator's Program Catalogue to download them. 

The 39g+ and later models came with a cable you can use to download these programs using the Connectivity software but the 38G and 39G/40G did not. If you have no cable then one of the pages listed on the left side of the previous page contains the code for these programs. Some of them are very long and will not be easy to type in. I would seriously suggest that a cable is a better option.

When you press RECV on the calculator these categories will be displayed on the file list as horizontal divider lines (see right). Assuming that you are downloading more than one program, you can then use the CHK button to put ticks (checks) next to the ones you want. 
The 38G version is broken into two sets of files that must be stored in separate directories. This is due to memory limitations on the 38G. For the same reason you won't be able to download the entire collection on a 38G. In my experience it is not a good idea to fill the memory to more than 80%. See "38G Memory" below.
Tip: If you want them to appear on the calculator in the same order as they appear in the display right then you need to CHK them in the reverse order. ie. CHK the last first and then in order backwards.
The divider lines are actually small (empty) programs and are only really there to provide names/labels. If you are downloading the entire collection to a 39/40G and would like to keep them, then you should CHK them too.  If you decide later that you don't want them, simply delete them as you would any program.
If you would like a short Word document which simply lists the programs with very short summaries and no screen snapshots then click on the link shown right. This file also contains information on the sizes of the programs if you are a 38G user and are trying to decide how many you can fit on the calculator.  A 38G normally has about 23Kb of free memory when you first turn it on but that reduces as you load equations and data into it.
One of the programs in the ---- Misc ---- section is called "38G Memory" and will give you a visual display of the amount of memory remaining. This program must not be run on a 39/40G as it will crash the calculator and wipe all programs and data. The 39/40G version of this program is a dummy and is only there because I didn't want to call one collection the "First 50" and the other the "First 49" ;-)
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