Programs for Chemistry:

Title Notes Remarks
Essay collection This contains a whole lot of notes (some essays) by a whole lot of people.  These are Notes and must be downloaded from the NotePad Catalogue (BLUE 1).  The process is otherwise the same.
Solubilty This is a program which is an automated solubility table. This is a Program and must be downloaded from the Program Catalogue (BLUE 0).  The process is otherwise the same.

Programs for Physics:

Title Function Instructions Remarks
Sound Intensity Convert sound intensities to loudness levels, and add deciBel levels directly. The main menu consists of three options: 
'Convert DB' : convert deciBels to sound intensity 
'Convert Int.' : convert sound intensity to decibels 
'Comb. Vol. Lev.' : sum loudness levels in deciBels
This program was written by Leon Lorenti
Resistor Add together resistances in parallel. Enter the resistances. After the last one, enter 999 to finish. The resistance of all in parallel will then be displayed.  
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