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To make it easier to find things I have divided the aplets up into the categories shown above. In some cases items will appear in more than one place.

These aplets and programs tend to fall into two broad categories - teaching aplets and, for want of a better term, ones that are "just plain useful". 

Teaching aplets are ones that an educator will find useful to give to his or her students when a concept is being first introduced. It is not, however, one that you would want to keep on your calculator past that point. An example of this type of aplet is the Curve Areas aplet on the Functions & Calculus page (see link on the left). This is an aplet which draws rectangles under a curve to introduce the concept of the definite integral. It's not something with any use past that point.

"Just plain useful" aplets are ones that you will use all the time when solving maths problems. They are the sort of thing that you will want to take into an exam (if your school allows that!). The Linear Programming aplet is an example of one of those.

I would strongly suggest that you take a tour through the pages above. There is a great deal of material that you will find extremely useful.


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