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Programming using HP Basic and the ADK39

Originally I had a page here that I wrote back in 1998 but since then I've written a number of other texts, including most of the chapter on programming which appears in the manual for the hp 39g+, 39gs and 40gs. In light of this I've substituted instead this PDF, which explains the whole process in detail.  It's an extract from a book I wrote for HP called "Mastering the hp 39g+: A Guide for students and teachers". I would have used an extract from my latest version for the hp 39gs and hp 40gs but it refers to a programming tool that HP has not yet released (as of December 2007). The information in this extract is exactly the same for the later models.

To save the PDF for later reading, right-click on the link and choose "Save as..".

As you will read, the combination of features offered in the user programming language for the HP is quite a powerful one.  There are, of course, many other features and tricks which I have not covered in this article.  As the saying goes, these are left as an exercise for the reader. There are also two other languages available, sRPL and HPG-CC. Information on these can be found in the Programming section of my Help page.

I am interested in encouraging others to begin developing aplets for teaching mathematics and science.  Please feel free to contact me with ideas and problems.  Obviously I may not have time to solve all your problems and I can't guarantee to get back to you immediately but I may be able to help in some ways.

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