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Overlay Normal 
It is often very helpful to be able to overlay a normal curve with the same mean and standard deviation over the top of an existing histogram.
As the instructions say, there are certain things that MUST be done before running the program.
This means hold down the ON button and, while still holding it down, press PLOT.
bulletThe data must be graphed in the PLOT view.
bulletThe image must be captured for use by pressing ON+PLOT
bulletIn the NUM view, press STATS so that the values of the mean and standard deviation can be calculated. If this is done then the program will automatically import them when it is run.

The image of the PLOT view is then redisplayed and the equivalent normal curve is superimposed and displayed until any key is pressed.

This is something that is easily done in the HOME view but if you're lazy, this will do it for you.
The program will only run successfully if the data has been graphed in the PLOT view first and the FIT line graphed (press MENU & FIT).

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