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Testing your connection

Before you can use the software to transfer anything between the calculator and the PC you should ensure that the cable you purchased is plugged in and functioning correctly.

DO NOT use a cable made for an HP48 series calculator with an HP38/39/40G. It can damage your calculator.



One end of the cable plugs into the serial port or COM port on your PC. The program defaults to using COM1 but can be set to use COM2,3 or 4.

The other end of the cable plugs into the top of your calculator.  The plug is D shaped (see socket shape right) and the plug at the calculator end of the cable should have the flat side facing up.  The easiest way to check that your connection is working is to perform a screen capture as shown below.


End of calc showing ports
To perform a screen capture, hold down the ON key on the calculator and, while still holding it down, press the 1 key.  After a brief pause an image of the calculator's screen should appear on the PC. HPGComm is generally an extremely reliable program and the most common cause of failure is low batteries on the calculator. This can become a problem with communication long before it is noticed on the calculator. If you have used a USB to serial port conversion cable then you should read the relevant information on the Help page to troubleshoot this.
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