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If you haven't already done so, read the previous topic on the Help page on how to transfer notes, programs and aplets from the calculator to the PC and back. This topic assumes you already know how to do this.

The ADK (Aplet Development Kit) was originally developed for the HP38G and then mildly updated by a talented user called Yohan shortly after the release of the HP39G in 2000. There are therefore two versions and you need to ensure that you have the right one. In every other way except the colour of the icon and the title bar when running the two programs are identical.

If you have an HP38G then you need the blue ADK 1.01 (see the Software page in the Help section of this site). If you have any of the later calculators (HP39G, HP40G or hp 39g+) then you need the red ADK HP39G, generally nicknamed the ADK39.

In the explanations which follow I will be discussing the original blue version, simply because I already had a whole bunch of material written for it and was too lazy to do a whole new set of screen captures. :-) If you're using the red version there's honestly NO difference in behaviour so read the paragraph below and then click on the tags at the top of the page for further information.

One disadvantage of this being such an old program is that it was originally written for Windows 3.1, before the desktop and long filenames appeared for the first time in Windows 95. If you're in the habit of storing folders and files on the desktop then don't do it with files that you want to access with the ADK. Instead, create a folder called (for example) "C:\HPCalc" so that you can access it easily using the ADK. Remember that the ADK doesn't understand long filenames so you can't call it "My HP Calc Stuff" or "Aplets and Programs". If you do then the names will be truncated when you try to access them via the ADK, as you can see in names of the folders in the screen shot here. Limit yourself to 8 characters, no spaces and no punctuation in folder names and filenames.

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