Newton-Raphson Iterations

This apLet illustrates the Newton-Raphson iterative process. The user sets up their equation, allowing room for the tangents to be drawn, and then the "...& iterate" option allows them to choose a starting x0 value and watch the iterations progress (the user presses a key between iterations).
The successive approximations to the desired root are reported at the top of the screen as X (the previous value), M (the slope at X) and Y (the next value in the iteration).
While I realize that using X and Y (particularly Y) is not ideal, the HP38G is not capable of displaying subscripts and thus can't use x0, x1, x2 etc.

Row Operations

This apLet is designed to allow students to explore the use of elementary row operations in solving an augmented 3 x 3 matrix. Please note that this is NOT an apLet that you would use to actually solve systems of equations! The functions RREF and simple matrix arithmetic are all that's normally needed (see my manual for various methods), but these methods don't show the elementary row operations which perform the process.
The apLet has some problems with the display of its results. If the numbers created during the solve process grow too large then they will spill off the right hand side of the screen. However, with adroit choice of initial equations by the teacher, it is a useful tool.

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