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Curr Vitae

  Want to talk to me? 

(Update 2016) Ok... The fact is that I've pretty much stopped using HP calculators since about 2010. Our school went Casio and so, of course, I was forced to follow.

You're welcome to contact me BUT:
a) don't expect a quick reply, and
b) I may well say "I don't know" - it's just been too long since I've even picked up an HP calculator!

In particular, inquiries about how to use HP software on Windows 7, 8 or 10 are going to be unanswered: I've not used HP sofware since shortly after Windows 7 was released and I don't even have it installed on my current computer.

Given this, if you still want to give it ago then contact me by sending emails to the address below.


  1. Put either "38G", "39G" or "40G" in your subject line to get my attention, otherwise your email may be deleted without being read. 
    Up to 95% of my mail is spam, mostly from servers such as hotmail, aol and yahoo etc.  I use a filter that automatically blocks mail from these servers unless it is clear from your subject line that it is something to do with HP calculators and not how to get women, buy drugs or invest money.

  2. I can't guarantee to be able to answer your question quickly. Being rude to me, sending me follow up emails saying "Why haven't you answered me?" is not going to help. I'm a full time teacher and I'm not even going to see your email until the evening - it may not get answered before the weekend.
    I know that sometimes this is going to be frustrating but the fact that you have an exam tomorrow is NOT MY PROBLEM.

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