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What do you want help with?

  1. Up & downloading aplets, programs & notes.
    1. Hardware.
    2. Software.
    3. Putting it into practice.
  2. Manuals and miscellaneous information.
    1. "Using the hp 39gs & 40gs effectively" (a free download)
    2. "Mastering the hp 39gs & 40gs" (a free download)
    3. "Mastering the hp 39g+" (a free download)
    4. "Mastering the HP38G"
    5. Official HP sites
      These include official manuals, the latest software, HPs aplets and learning modules.
    6. A CAS manual for the HP40G & hp 40gs
    7. Extra CAS commands.
    8. Teaching Calculus with an HP.
    9. Tips & Tricks for using Word effectively.
    10. The HP39G Newsletter by MichaŽl De Coninck.
    11. US vs W.A. - a comparison.
  3. Programming.
    1. Creating new aplets without programming.
    2. Programming with HP Basic.
    3. Programming in sRPL (assembly code).
    4. Programming on the 39g+ (and 39/40gs?) with HPG-CC
    5. An HP font.
  4. Teaching Exemplars and Worksheets.
    The list below is a series (small so far) of worksheets submitted by the HP User Group in Western Australia.  These are simply worksheets that have worked for teachers in the group and that may be of use to others. If you have ideas then I would love to hear from you.



"This is a worksheet I have used to investigate the derivative of e that has worked quite well."

A paper with ideas to help when investigating derivatives of trig functions and ex.

This is a very nice investigation into piecewise defined linear function.  A validation test is included, plus fully worked solutions.

This is a wonderful activity that I did with my Intro Calc class which used piecewise defined functions to produce pictures.

  1. Tips & Tricks for efficient use.
    bulletHow to graph Box and Whisker graphs in the Statistics aplet.
    bulletHow to unlock a frozen calculator, hopefully without losing data.
    bullet Capturing screens using the Connectivity software.
    bulletGraphing and using composite functions.
    bullet How to delete downloaded aplets from the calculator.
    bullet Some examples of downloaded aplets.
    bullet Dealing with fields of slopes and curve families with the aid of an aplet.
    bullet Finding and accessing polynomial roots.
    bulletFinding nice axes and using Auto Scale effectively.
    bulletWhat is Flash ROM and why does the calculator have it?
    bulletDealing with fractions effectively on the HP.
    bullet How do I develop the gradient as the limiting value of a chord?
    bullet How can I use the Chi-Squared test as an Inference test?
    bulletUsing PLOT values in further integration.
    bulletWhat do the values mean in the Memory Manager?
    bullet What functions do you use most often from the MATH menu?
    bulletHow can I find nice scales in Plot-Table?
    bulletHow can I graph piecewise-defined functions?
    bullet Can I reference aplets from within the HOME view?
    bulletIs there more than one way to solve simultaneous equations?
    bulletHow do I make the calculator do symbolic differentiation?
    bulletWhat is this 'Invalid User Function' message?
    bullet What do the INFO messages in Solve mean?
    bulletWhy is it called 'Signed' area in FCN and how do I use it?
    bulletHow can I view and analyse vector functions and problems?
    bulletHow does the MODES view control the Angle and Number settings?
    bulletHow to recall and use values you've found in the Solve aplet.
    bulletHow to find exact value solutions to trig equations.
    bulletHow to use the VARS button to retrieve Area & Intersection FCN results.
    bulletHow to retrieve coefficients of FIT equations.
    bulletHow to play music on the HP (well... sort of).
    bulletHow to show a phase plot of a predator/prey analysis.
    bulletAn analysis of the predator/prey mathematical model of Vampire Ecology in the Jossverse.  A fun article for Buffy fans by Brian Thomas (ex Stanford University). Yay Buffy!
    bulletHow to retrieve and use Stats vars such as the mean and standard deviation in calculations.
    bulletHow to transfer the FIT equation into the Function aplet.
    bulletHow to set and display the date and time on the HP.
    bulletGuarding against problems evaluating limits on the HP.
    bulletFinding and using the complex roots of z.
    bulletIllustrating rectilinear motion using the Parametric aplet.
    bulletFinding the imaginary solutions to a complex quadratic.
    bulletFinding roots and areas using the Function aplet.
    bulletUsing POLYFORM to expand brackets.
    bulletSolving an exponential growth problem using Stats and Solve.
    bulletSolving 3x3 linear systems of equations using RREF.
    bulletSolving and graphing a vector collision using the Parametric aplet.
  2. Care to nominate a topic you think would be useful?
    1. Let me know...
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