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If you like games then read on.  Although I'm not a games fan and can't comment on their "fun rating", I can tell you that from a programming point of view some of them are simply fantastic! Others are simpler and may be interesting to those starting out in programming.

Where possible there's a link to the author's site. This is partly to ensure that the author gets due credit but also so the version you obtain is the most recent.  If you explore and find there's a later version, or if a link stops working, or if you find a game that's not listed then let me know.  Remember, though, that I only host games for the HP38G, HP39G, HP40G, hp 39g+, hp 39gs & hp 40gs. If you want to contact an author, feel free. However, it's my experience that most of these authors have long since moved on to other interests and will probably not be willing to update these games. With time the authors may bring out new versions but so far this has not generally happened.



Warning for users of the hp 39g+, hp 39gs and hp 40gs

Almost all of these games were written for the 39G & 40G back in 2000, 2001. The hp 39g+, hp 39gs & hp 40gs have a different chip to the old HP39G and HP40G and this new chip is much, much faster. This immediately can make a lot of the games almost unplayable because you don't have time to react to what's happening on the screen. 

The main point though is that a lot of these games bypass the calculator's operating system and make direct calls to the chip. They do this because it speeds things up immensely and also to access extra abilities that the chip has that the calculator doesn't use. The BIG problem is that these calls often don't work properly on the new models because the writer is making a call to a memory location on the chip that's changed in the new models.

The most likely result is that your calculator will lock up or reset, probably causing any stored data to be lost.
It is highly unlikely that any physical damage will result but all your aplets and notes will disappear (except for the built in ones).

One of the game fans sent me the following report on what he found when he tested some of them on his hp 39g+. Thanks to Francis Gongz for this help. Please feel free to help others by emailing me additions to this report.

A lot of the games don't work, including hp-worms 1.0 beta, games launcher, zelda (zelda seems to work but everything starts to fade to nothing), bang2, and space hulk. The ones that DID work were snake and bomber-hp. Also the graphics demos don't work. These games didn't erase my calculator but there was one thing that did - the ticking clock library on the Miscellaneous page. This made my calculator go funny only when I typed in CLK in the home view. None of these games gave problems during the transfer, only when they were started.


General Notes

  1. Due to the way that these games are created many of them do not have the special files HP39DIR.000 and HP39DIR.CUR in the zip file. This means that you can't use the usual RECV-->"Disk drive" command to download them using HPGComm. Instead, use (for the 39G, 40G & 39g+) the RECV-->"HP39/40G (Wire)"  or (for the 39gs & 40gs) the RCV-->"HP39/40 (USB)" command. This will pop up a box on the PC so that you can choose the file to download. It downloads the file at least 20 times faster than the "Disk drive" method anyway.
  2. Many of these games have little or no documentation, or it's in some other language. So here's an opportunity for someone who likes to play them - write the documentation! Now I'm not talking about half-baked efforts here! You need to make it readable (which doesn't mean full of the latest 'in' slang) and if possible include screen shots to illustrate what you're saying. But if you do it and I use it then you get your name on my site! :-)
  Albhed Translator
  Al Bhed is a language spoken in the Playstation 2 game final fantasy X. To translate this language to English you have to collect primers. These magazines are scattered all over Spira. If you missing a lot of primers, or you have just begun your journey and you want to know what the Al Bhed say to you, then simply use this program.
Source code is included for those into sRPL programming.

Author: Michaël De Coninck

   Android 2.01
  Mario-style game that scrolls from side-to-side. Pick up the presents and give them to Daisy.

Author: Julien Meyer and Lilian Pigallio.

  A simple 'breakout' style game. It may be an old game but it's still worth a look.

Author:  Julien Meyer and Noda.

  A game created by one of the designers of the HP39G. On the HP39/40G he built the game into the chip. All you have to do is load the "Games" aplet below to release it!

Author: Jean-Yves Avenard.

   Babel 4.0
  The aim is to roll a ball down a track and try not to let it fall off. You can jump, accelerate, decelerate, and go left or right. Includes seven tracks and a level editor.

Author: Christian Mauduit and Noda.

  This is an HP38G adaption of a game that I have sometimes seen called "Gorilla".  A lot of fun but a bit slow.

Note for beginner programmers: This is written entirely in HPBasic and is a very neat adaption on Vincent's part, particularly in the use of the screen keys to control the game.

Author: Vincent Hensch.


English version 
French version 

English version 
French version 

  This is a program, not an aplet, which according to the author has good graphics. It includes a level designer and  can also make random maps, has optional sound, and is one or two player. Given that it is written in HPBasic rather than assembly code I would expect it to be rather slower but that doesn't stop it being fun!

Author: Alan Lark.

   Beaubourg 39
  Sort of a marriage between Tetris and Pipes with good graphics and interface.

Author: Philippe Pamart and Lilian Pigallio.

   Black Jack
  This is a blackjack game by Michaël De Coninck, who is the author of a number of other games and maths aplets. It's written in sRPL which means that it is really fast. The source code is also included for those interested in studying it.

Author: Michaël De Coninck

  Move and bomb. zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Author: Noda.

   Boulder DasHP
  You are in a mine and must get the diamonds without being hit by boulders.

Author: Oris Davramme and Lilian Pigallio.

   Burger Time
  You have to try to make burgers - why I'm not sure but then I'm not a game addict! Apparently it's an adaptation of an old CBS Colleco Vision game. It also has sound.

Author: Arnauld Chevallier and Lilian Pigallio.

  A Tetris style game. If you're a fan of the style then try this one out.

Author: Spartacus and Lilian Pigallio.

   Columns Plus
  This is a similar style of game to the previous one but clearly has much more sophisticated graphics. I'm not sure what other differences there are.

Author: Iki and  Lilian Pigallio.

This game scrolls from side to side and has excellent grayscale graphics. You must bounce an apple over rocks, picking up
seeds to receive points.

Author: Antoine and Lilian Pigallio.

  Defusing is a game where speediness and reflexes counts. The goal of the game is to disarm a number of bombs (shown on the bottom-right part of the screen). It can happen that there are more bombs in a level than you have to disarm, but then itís up to you to choose which ones you are going to deactivate.
You move within a labyrinth; you can push a wall if there nothing against the wall on the other side. As in the case of the screenshot, where the spot next to the wall was empty (no bomb, no option nor a monster).

Author: Noda.

  A 'break-out' style game but with a twist that you can only destroy bricks of your current 'colour'. Very addictive.

Author: Doug Cannon.

   Dr. Barjo 2.1
  A Dr. Mario clone in grayscale. As usual with the grayscale games the graphics are far superior to what you'd normally find on a calcualtor.

Author: Benjamin Silvestre,  Lilian Pigallio, and Pagala Jala. 

   Dragonball Z (small preview)
This is a very short taster for a game that MichaŽl is writing called Dragonball Z. No actual play yet - just some images.

Author: MichaŽl De Coninck

This is a war game like the computer game Dune 2. The graphics are grayscale.

Author: Antoine and  Lilian Pigallio.

  This is a space strategy game in greyscale and in French. The goal is to defeat the enemy that is on the other side of the map (but coming towards you). You will have to build an army and upgrade your ships to achieve this goal. Noda's games are always really well done! He specialises in converting classic games for the HP30/40G.

Author: Noda.

  Euro Millionaire
  Based on the famous television series here is the game for your HP-39/40g or 39g+! Answer fifteen questions correctly and you will be a euro millionaire! It includes the source code for those interested in programming in sRPL.

Author: MichaŽl De Coninck.

   Fall49 2.0
  You have to move the ball in the holes before reaching the top of the screen. You must stand alive as long as you can before your ball gets scratched! Bonuses will help you. Users rate this as a lot of fun!

Author: Jean-Marc Arsan.

  To quote a gamer, this is "A pretty cool shoot 'em up." Say no more. 

Author: Julien Meyer and Noda.

  The old classic where the frog has to cross the road without getting squished. It may be an old game but it's still worth a look.

Author: Noda.

  'Dunno what it does but it looks interesting and Noda's games are always really well done! He specialises in converting classic games for the HP30/40G. (If you send me a small summary of the game I'll post it here.)

Author: Noda.

  Jean-Yves' launcher

Jordi's launcher

One of the games...

When Jean-Yves was creating the BIOS for the HP39G chip he built in a number of games! This tiny aplet gives access to them via the VIEWS menu.  Definitely some serious fun here for the game enthusiasts! However, there's no documentation with the aplet and limited help within some of the games so you'll have to work out most of it yourself.  But then you serious gamers seem to enjoy that sort of thing don't you?
Update 24/10/02: Jordi Hidalgo has written an alternative aplet which also gives access to these games in a slightly different way.  Choose for yourself which one you want to use.
22/2/03: An updated version from Jordi. A small change only - the old version could not be deleted but this one can. A bonus for programmers is that this new version includes the source code.

Author: Jean-Yves Avenard and Cyrille de Brebisson.

Author: Jordi Hidalgo.  

  Some of these are available elsewhere on this page in HP38G format.  

Jean-Yves version.


Jordi's version.

  Guy walks into a Bar
  This is a very small and very silly joke aplet. Download it and play it for fun. If you're planning on doing programming in sRPL then definitely download it because the source code is included.

Author: MichaŽl De Coninck

  A Pacman clone. Quite compact, which is important for the HP38G.

Author: Detlef Mueller.

   HP Worms 1.0 Beta
  This is based on the computer game, where you try to kill four worms of the opposing team with a variety of weapons (bazooka, banana bomb, kamikaze, etc.). It has grayscale graphics and scrolls from side to side.

Author: Lionel Daniel and Lilian Pigallio.

  A variation on the minehunter theme. It uses four 'colours' with some interesting options.

Author: Noda.

   Hunter Project
  A classic shoot 'em up in style with gray scale and three complex levels.

Author: DinHP and Noda.

   Ice-Cube 1.11 (Beta)
  Apparently you are an ice cube and must explore islands to pick stuff up. The graphics look outstanding, as is all of Lilian's stuff! If anyone find a more recent version than this beta copy, please let me know.

Author: Lilian Pigallio.

  Another 'breakout' style game. Greyscale graphics will probably make it worth a second look.

Author: Iki and  Lilian Pigallio.

  Another shoot 'em up, with the interesting variation that you can apparently buy upgrades.

Author: Noda.

   Jezz-Pack 0.31
  A copy of Jezz Ball ported to the HP39G. This pack includes source code (in sRPL not HPBasic) for those interested. If not, work your way into the directory "HP3940G" to find the game.  This is a big file ~367Kb.

Author: Lilian Pigallio, Denis Martinez, and Talaron.

  This is a game where the goal is to fill up the screen without hitting the moving balls. Each level gets harder by the increasing percentage of the screen that must be filled up and the increasing amount of balls. This version is superior to Jezzpack and very addictive. Noda's games are always really well done! He specialises in converting classic games for the HP30/40G.

Author: Noda.

   JYTris 1.1
  This is another Tetris clone. The grayscale graphics make it exceptional.

Author: Laurent Jouanneau and Lilian Pigallio.

  This is a porting of the classic "game" of Life to the 39/40G! For those who don't know you can set up a seed universe and have it grow (or die) according to mathematical rules. A real find for the nerds out there :-).

Author: Noda.

  'Dunno what it does but it looks interesting and Noda's games are always really well done! He specialises in converting classic games for the HP30/40G. (If you send me a small summary of the game I'll post it here.)

Author: Noda.

Magic 8 Ball
  According to the author, this is a Magic 8 Ball game. "You know those balls that you have to ask a yes/no question to and they give you advice.!"  Try it and see is all I can say. :-)

Author: MichaŽl De Coninck

  Mario Land 3.0
  The classic platform game is now available on the HP39/40! There are 4 characters and many levels!

Author:  Julien Meyer and Noda.

  The Matrix Screen Saver (Version 1.2)
  This excellent movie is now available as a 'screen saver' for the 39/40G! It's not a screen saver in the sense that it doesn't cut in after a specified time, but when you START it then it behaves a bit like one. Source code is included for those into sRPL programming.
Note: Updated 23rd June, 2003. Bug fixes and improvements.

Author: Michaël De Coninck

  'Dunno what it does but it looks interesting. All the blurb says is "Find the treasure then exit the labyrinth!". Noda's games are always really well done. He specialises in converting classic games for the HP30/40G.

Author: Noda.

   Meganoid Gold
  Reportedly one of the best breakout games available on an HP calculator. This version include a lot of bonuses, two person mode, high scores, grayscale graphics and more.

Author:  Julien Meyer and Noda.

   Memory 2
  Memory is a game where the goal is to turn over all the pair of cards. If the cards that you have turned over aren't the same then they are there turned back. You will win when all cards are visible.

Author: Michaël De Coninck

  A compilation of 3 mini-games, packed into a library:
bulletFalldown: Type FALL to play.
bulletSworm:    Type SWORM to play.
bulletMadball:   Type MBALL to play.

Noda's games are always really well done. He specialises in converting classic games for the HP30/40G.

Author: Noda.

  Basically this is the same as MineSweeper on Windows and yet the author has managed to squeeze it into an incredibly small package even with grayscale graphics.

Author: Oliver Weppe and Pagala Jala.

   Mine Hunter
This is an HP version of the old game of Mine Hunter.  Until recently there was only a 38G version but a version was released for the 39/40G in mid 2002. Jordi also wrote the Note Filer (see Misc Aplets).
2/10/02: Updated with new versions for both the 38G and the 39/40G.
24/10/02: A new version for the 39/40G.
22/2/03: A new version for the 39/40G. The only change is that the old version could not be deleted whereas the new one can. A bonus for programmers is that the new version includes the source code.

Author: Jordi Hidalgo.  

   Morpion 3D
  This is apparently something like a Rubik's cube style game.

Author: Emmanuel Aldeguer.

  'Dunno what it does but it looks interesting and Noda's games are always really well done! He specialises in converting classic games for the HP30/40G. (If you send me a small summary of the game I'll post it here.)

Author: Noda.

   Pac Man
  A simple 'breakout' style game. It may be an old game but it's still worth a look.

Author:  Julien Meyer and Noda.

  You have to be amazed at what they can squeeze into a calculator!  This is a 3D pacman game.  The only problem is that it takes up 120K of your calculator's memory!! So you basically won't be able to fit anything except this onto the calculator.

Author: Christophe Dupont de Dinechin and Lilian Pigallio.

  Basically this is a game of shoot the aliens before they shoot you. Apparently it's similar to something called "Round 42" for the PC but with only five levels. Gamers might know what this means.

Author: Detlef Mueller .

  Pong was the first videogame ever made and now its available on the HP39/40.

Author: Noda.

   Puissance 4
  This is an adaptation of the Puissance 4 game for 1 or 2 players. Four in a row. Need I to say more?

Author: Noda.

   Puzzle Bobble 2.0
  This "Bust a Move" puzzle game has three modes: puzzle mode, practice mode and vs mode. In this last mode you can connect two calculators by wire or IR and play against an opponent. 

Author: Lilian Pigallio and Denis Martinez.

  Looks like one of those puzzles where you slide the blocks around. Noda's games are always really well done. He specialises in converting classic games for the HP30/40G. (If you send me a small summary of the game I'll post it here.)

Author: Noda.

  This is an adaptation of the arcade game, with over 100 levels!

Author: Iki and Noda.

   Quick Draw
  This program is a small game called Quickdraw. The object, is, when the gunslinger reaches for his holster, to press ON to shoot him. The difficulty increases each level. Sound is optional and very western :)

Author: Alan Lark.

  A great racing game, with 32 circuits. The first 3 rounds are saved so you can compete with your friends!

Author: Julien Meyer and Noda.

  A game in the 'nibbles' style with ten different speeds and high scores.

Author: Noda.

   Sliding Blocks
  A  game by Feng Yuan, one of the design team for the HP38G. This is spacing text. This is spacing text. This is spacing text. This is spacing text.      
   Snake v1.10
  This is an HP39G adaption of the famous game Snake.  Featuring 10 speeds and recording of high scores, it is unfortunately only available for the HP39/40G. Andri is a year 12 student at All Saints College in 2002 so he may be the source of more games to come!  Be warned - it is highly addictive.
Note:  Updated 23/6/02 to version 1.10

Author: Andri Winata

  A Sokoban clone which is highly addictive. With 50 levels, sound and saving of position, it is well written.

Author: Detlef Muller.

  This is an emulation of the classic Solitaire card game for the HP39/40G. You can save your game and return to it later.

Author: John Olwoch and Noda.

   Space Hulk
  Shoot the aliens in a first-person view just like on a PC style game. Includes grayscale graphics and 9 levels.

Author: DinHP and Noda.

   Stunt Rider
  You have to jump over the school bus with your motorcycle, avoiding the helicopter and the bridge.

Author: Randy Elton Ding and Noda.

   Super Mario
  An adaptation of the Super Mario game. Fun, but hard to play. Includes 2 versions, with different levels.

Author:  Julien Meyer and Noda.

  The goal of the game is to slide the letters into the right alphabetical order. Noda's games are always really well done! He specialises in converting classic games for the HP30/40G.

Author: Noda.

  Most of you have probably played the classic game of Tetris at some time or other.  This is a wonderful adaption which even allows two people to play against each other, with the infra-red port providing interaction.

Author: Detlef Muller.

   Tetris for the 39g+
  This is an adaption of Tetris which was produced specifically for the 39g+ by Al Borowski. The game was originally written for the 49g+ by Benjamin Maurin and adapted by Al Borowski. See the readme.txt file for instructions.

Author: Benjamin Maurin & Al Borowski

  Tic Tac Toe (Version 1.2)
  A contribution in the classic vein from a new player in the games scene. This is the game of Tic Tac Toe in single player and 2 player modes. Source code is included for the interest of sRPL programmers.
Note: Updated 1st May, 2003.
Note: Updated again 10th July, 2003. Bug fixes and improvements.

Author: Michaël de Coninck

   Treize (French language)
A fully-grayscale adventure game with a mouse-like interface. One of the most impressive games ever made for a calculator. 
Note: Regrettably I have to mention that I found that it crashed fairly regularly when I tried to use it. A paperclip reset fixed things each time with no loss of data though.

Author: HP Club of the ENSEA.

   Tron 2.0
  An adaptation of Tron, with a lot of game modes, two person mode (IR or wire), high scores, and a lot of options.

Author: Noda.

   Tunnel 3
  A version of the classic Tunnel game where you must avoid the walls.

Author: Noda.

  A car racing game where you are able to view the track from above.

Author: Aurelien Brioude and Lilian Pigallio.

  Whack-a-mole is a really simple game. The object of the game is, when a mole pops out of one of the six holes, to "whack" him with the corresponding menu key. If you miss more then half the moles per level, you lose hours of mindless fun :) (actually more like minutes... :( )

If you get bored with the game before you lose (or the teacher notices you ;), repeatedly pressing ON will end the game.

Note: This game contains a program and an aplet. It requires Martin Lang's superb L1542 library to run. See the Misc page to download this.

Author: Alan Lark.

  This is the 38G version of the game which is available for the HP39G via the "Games" aplet above.
Note: This game is so large that you have to use Xmodem (below) to load it onto an HP38G and there's no room for anything else at all.


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