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Some of the questions on the pages linked to this one are just ones I've jotted down in a free evening, but many others are the result of enquiries from people all around the world. You can either click on a specific question from the list below or look at 10 at a time via the buttons on the left. 
If you have a question that you think should appear, or just something that's really bugging you then e-mail me and I will attempt to answer it as soon as possible but.... please bear in mind that I do have other demands on my time too!
Disclaimer: This site is not affiliated with or endorsed by Hewlett-Packard.

00. Do you have any interesting graphs that you have seen?
01. (38G/38G/40G only) Why have some of the keys on my calculator stopped working?
02. (38G only) My HP38G keeps telling me that Iím low on memory.
03. What is the difference between NOTE and NOTEPAD?
04. Why are the default axes so strange for the PLOT view?
05. What does 'Faster' mean in the PLOT SETUP view?
06. What does 'Build Your Own' mean in the NUM SETUP view?
07. (38G only) I have set 'Fixed 2' in the MODES view of my HP38G but it only works in the HOME view. Why?
08. How do I get these weird characters that appear in various places?
09. My downloaded aplet used to work but now gives strange error messages.
10. How do I use calculated values from FCN or STATS in the HOME view?
11. How can I save my notes onto a computer?
12. How can I save a copy of an aplet?
13. When I find a solution in Solve, how do I access it in the HOME view?
14. How can I get exact value solutions such as fractions of pi?
15. How does the Fraction mode work?
16. My batteries sometimes seem to run out very quickly.
17. Why does the sqr root of -9 give an answer instead of an error as my scientific calculator does?
18. Why the jaggy lines in graphing (1+1/X)X using extreme PLOT ranges?
19. How can I completely clear the memory of the calculator?
20. How can I change the date and time on my calculator?
21. Are the HP49 & 50 better versions of my calculator?
22. Is there a bug in the Sequence aplet?
23. Why should I not use the function PREDX?
24. There is no question 24!
25. Can I accidentally erase the aplets that come with the calculator?
26. Is there a way to upgrade the memory on my calculator?
27. (38G only) How can I print using my infra-red printer?
28. (39G/40G only) The COM port needed to use the Connectivity software is being used by my mouse.
29. (38G only) Why is the value of the covariance on my HP38G "incorrect"?
30. (38G/39G/40G only) Can I make my own serial cable to use with the Connectivity software?
31. Can you use Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) on the HP38/39G?
32. How can you graph inequalities such as y < 2x+1 on the HP38/39G?
33. Why does my calculator freeze when evaluating integrals with an ABS in them?
34. Is it possible to change the volume of the beep or to switch it off?
35. What is the origin of the strange number (6.0030000004) on the cover of my HP38G?
36. I've stored Notes on my PC and now I can't read them back.
37. How do you convert complex numbers to r cis theta form?
38. What are the ON+Key combinations that are available?
39. Why do programs on the calculator take up more room than those on a Casio?
40. How long does it take to write an aplet, and does it get less with time?
41. Why do the aplets on your webpage not have a .SV program with them, whereas the HP ones do?
42. (38G only) Is there any way to free up more than 23Kb on the HP38G?
43. Are there any games for the HP38/39G?
44. I'm having problems downloading aplets with the cable.
45. (38G only) How can I find out the available memory on the HP38G?
46. What are all of the beeps when translated into music?
47. How can I graph piecewise defined functions?
48. Why does entering a function of X(X+2) give an error message?
49. Can I get "lower tail" instead of "upper tail" for the Normal distribution using UTPN?
50. Is there a way to predict how much memory a program will take up on the calculator?
51. Is it possible to convert to other number bases such as binary and hexadecimal?
52. How can I transfer the fit equation from the 2VAR Statistics PLOT view to the Function aplet?
53. How can I transfer data from columns or lists on the HP38/39G to a a PC and use it in Excel?
54. How can I edit HP39G Notes using the ADK?  Updated!!
55. My calculator has locked up and I have important data on it that I don't want to lose.
56. What is 'RelErr'?
57. How can I get 'nice' values in the table when I use the split view of the Plot-Table view?
58. How can I easily display the roots of a polynomial?
59. What are "Easter Eggs" and do the calculators have any?  Updated!!
60. What are the differences between the HP38G and the HP39G?
61. What are the differences between the hp 39gs and the hp 40gs? 
62. What is the 'Library' entry in the MEMORY display of my HP?
63. What are these strange new symbols such as on the keyboard of my HP?
64. What is the DISPXY command listed in the CMDS menu of the HP?
65. Why is my circle incomplete?
66. How can I create an empty list using a command in a program?
67. (39G/40G only) How much can the HP38G and HP39G communicate via their infra-red links? What can I transfer?
68. There is no question 68!
69. How do I produce games and really fast aplets on the HP? 
70. Is there is a tool to compile programs on a PC? 
71. How can I solve linear systems of equations like the one below using the CAS on the HP40G?
72. Can I use my PC's infra-red port to communicate with my calculator without a cable?
73. How do I transfer the results from a CAS calculation on an HP40G to the Function aplet?
74. Can you use HP38G aplets on an HP39G (or vice versa)?
75. Why does the 3 character in the SPECIAL CHARS view give a -1 instead?
76. How can I stop my betteries discharging unevenly? (Humour!)
77. The ADK will not edit sketches on my computer which runs Windows XP.
78. Does the serial number on the back of my HP mean anything?
79. What is this rumour about an aplet that turns an HP39G into an HP40G with CAS?
80. Can the hp 39g+ be 'overclocked'?
81. Why have rows and columns of keys have stopped working on my HP39G or HP40G?
82. I've installed the Comms software, so why is my PC not recognising the calculator when I plug it in?

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