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WinZip Expansion Software
Most files that you download from the web, including all my aplets and HP's, are in a compressed format called a ZIP file.  The newer versions of Windows (Vista and Win 7) incorporate the ability to extract files from these zip files. If you're still running Win XP then you'll need the appropriate software.  WinZip is one of the more popular applications for this because you can download a version of their program that is free (but keeps reminding you to buy a licensed version).  Licensing is very cheap and I recommend it.


  1. If you have Vista or Win 7 then double clicking on the zip file will appear to make it open as a folder. THIS IS DECEPTIVE! It's not really a folder, it's just Windows displaying the contents in a more convenient format. The Connectivity software will NOT be able to see inside it. To make the files visible to the calculator you need to extract them from the zip file. Just right click on the zip file and there will be an option to extract them on the menu.
  2. When you expand aplets you MUST make sure that you expand each one into its own directory.  They contain files with the same names and expanding a second one into the same location as the first will cripple the first by overwriting those special files.
Maths ApLets
This is my collection of mathematics related aplets and programs for the HP38G and HP39/40G.  IMHO essential visiting for any teacher or student using the HP38G or HP39/40G.

HP's Aplet Library

This is the download page for all the ZIP files for the aplets that Hewlett Packard has created for the HP39/40G and hp 39g+. These were originally produced for the HP38G but disappeared from HP's site for some years, remaining only on mine. They have now been re-instated. Thank you to Franck Blondel and others for doing this!
Link removed.  HP, in their usual pathetic "customer support" have removed all the aplets from their site again. Or at least if they're still there then I can't find them.
hpcalc.org - HP Software Archive
This is a tremendous collection of material, not only for the 38G but for other HP calculators. Basically Eric collects software for every calculator that HP makes and posts it all on his site. The only problem for HP38/39/40G users is locating material that is suitable for these calculators since about 90% of the material is aimed at the HP48 and HP49.
This is a truly massive collection of programs not only for the HP38G/HP39G/HP40G & hp 39g+ but for all the other HP calculators. The only trouble is that about 90% of the material on it is for the HP48 & HP49G family and can't be used on the HP38G/HP39G/HP40G & hp 39g+ . It's still quite fascinating.
Detlef's World
This guy is an absolute genius on HP48's and is becoming interested in the HP38G (slumming it, you might say). He adapted the Hapaman and Pheonix game aplets for the 38G (originally created by Davor Jadrijevic from Croatia) and is gradually releasing more. In particular, he has recently updated the Hapaman & Diamonds games so that they don't have that annoying bug which prevents them from being deleted except by resetting the calculator, and helped me to produce a new Inference aplet for the HP38G that duplicates many of the capabilities of the HP39G.
This is a really great site that contains a lot of material for the HP40G (sold in Europe & very similar to the HP39G) and is run by "Monsieur HP". Anything written for the HP40G will run on the HP39G & hp 39g+. The orientation is mainly towards gamers & programmers. The only drawback is that the site is in French. You can click on a button (a British flag) and have it translated but the translation is by a machine and the result is, to put it mildly, hilarious! Definitely worth a look.
Jean-Yves Avenard's page (link broken and removed; left in case he re-appears)
Jean-Yves is the guru who was in charge of the software team employed by HP in Melbourne to write the upgrade from the HP38G to the HP39/40G. He is the prime source of all information on HP calculators and has also produced games for the HP38G, HP39G and the HP40G which are available on his site.  You can also download them from my aplets page.
The Curves Collection
This is an adaption of a page originally created by Jim Donnelly.  When his site closed I asked permission to replicate it on my site. To quote the page "It was inspired in part by requests from students and teachers and by the Famous Curves Collection on the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive web page. Many of the curves presented here are described on the MacTutor page, along with interesting notes about the mathematician who first described the curve."

"Programming" the HP38G
This is a copy of a paper that I gave out as part of a professional development session at a Maths Conference in Western Australia. It explains, at a VERY low level, how to produce your own aplets, how to use the Connectivity Kit and the Aplet Development Kit. It has a lot of images so it may be slow to download if you don't have a fast modem.
Creating a more complex aplet
This paper takes the reader through the process of building a fairly complex aplet using the ADK.  It is very detailed and assumes some familiarity by the reader of Windows and of the basic ideas of programming.  A must for anyone intending to create any sophisticated aplets. Note: Written for a 39G and Windows XP but still valid EXCEPT that it uses the ADK39 as the programming tool. Unfortunately the ADK39 will not run on Win 7. If this bugs you then email Tony Jones at HP.
HP38/39/40G Utilities page
This is a collection of utilities that make using and programming the calculators easier.  Includes emulators for the HP38G and the HP39G which can be run on any Windows computer. It also contains the ADK and ADK39, which is absolutely essential for anyone who is planning to do any sort of development work on the HP38G. It runs under Windows and allows you to edit and create aplets and notes. If you're creating aplets yourself then you NEED this! If you're just writing Notes to include in the Note Catalogue (study notes, collections of formulae etc) then this allows you to use the computer keyboard instead of having to use the (shudder!) 'keyboard' on the calculator. 

NOTE: You have to have the Connectivity Kit to be able to use the ADK. It edits files once they are on the PC but you have to get them there first.


Connectivity Cable
This is a link to Samson Cables. They are a US based firm who advertise a cable suitable for use with the connectivity software on the HP38/39/40G.  It is quite cheap compared to the price that HP used to charge. I've recently had some feedback from a 39G user (thanks Merf) that the delivery was only 7 days from the US to the UK and I've had another type of cable delivered to me here in Australia equally quickly so they seem quite reliable.
Which cable should I use?
This page is maintained by Joe Horn and lists all the various cables and which ones can be used with which calculators.  This can be very important - for example, if you use a cable from an HP48 with your HP38G or HP39G then you run a very strong risk of frying the chip and killing your calculator.
Barry Kissane's List of Papers
Barry is a lecturer in mathematics curriculum at Murdoch University (Perth, W.Aust) and is very interested in the aspects of graphical calculators (and technology in general) which influence curriculum and education theory (my interest tends to be more practical than theory).  Follow this link for a list of papers that he and others have written to do with the use of graphical calculators and the internet.
Constructing Your Own Cable
See my page which gives details on the pin configuration. Making it is up to you!  I am NOT an electronics expert, I've never made one and I don't know one end of the soldering iron from the other. This page is a copy of one elsewhere on the web - I only included it on my site because the link kept changing and it seemed simpler to put it on my site. I will tell you what I've been told by others...
Apparently the "plug" to use so as to get the correct pin spacing can't be bought.  What you have to do is get one of the plugs on the end of the ribbon cable that connects your hard-drive to the mother board inside your computer (a second-hand one would be best!). Just cut off a section of it, use the existing ribbon cable as your new cable and use the soldering iron to attach a serial plug to it.  Given how often plugs and cables inside computers change it's anyone's guess how long this particular trick will be valid!
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