Title Method of Play Keys used/Remarks
Battleship Each player places their ships on an 8*8 grid. Then they take turns firing at the other player's ships. As the players can't see each others' screens, the screen is erased between turns and the player whose turn it is, is notified on the screen. The grid to the left allows players to see their opponents' progress. Arrow Keys  : move cursor 
Enter             : Fire/Place ship 
X,T,0             : Rotate a ship (when placing) 
"P" (5)           : pause 
Warfare This game requires the players to enter speed and angle of a tank's shell, the flight of which is then simulated. The winner is the player who first hits their opponent's tank.  
Earthworm This is the classic Snake game. The player controls an earthworm, which must move around without hitting blocks, itself, or walls, and which has a limited time to live. The time decreases every time the worm moves, and increases when the worm eats a pixel. Arrow Keys: steer worm 
"P" (5)   : pause worm 
ON        : exit the game 
-X          : toggle sound 
              (initially off)
MineSweeper This is the same game, suitably modified, as on Windows computers. The player moves a cursor around, and uncovers squares. If a mine is uncovered, the game ends. Otherwise the square will contain the number of mines in the adjacent eight squares. This allows the player to deduce the positions of the mines. Once a mine is known, it may be marked to prevent it being accidentally uncovered. If there are no mines in the surrounding squares, a square will be blank and the squares around it are automatically uncovered (as they could not possibly be mines). This can take a while. The bottom-right corner displays the number of squares remaining that do not conceal mines. Arrow Keys          : move cursor 
Shift+Arrow Keys : jump to the 
                              specified edge 
"P" (5)                  : pause the game 
ENTER                : uncover square 
X,T,0                    : [un]mark a square 

20 mines is easy, 30 is reasonable. The maximum ever scored, to the author's knowledge, is 55.

MasterMind In this game the player must deduce a five-character code.  The calculator is held horizontally, with the screen to the left. Codes are entered by pressing the softkeys corresponding to different symbols. Every guess is scored with two numbers, printed to the right of the guess. For example, a score of 1-2 means that of the symbols in the guess, one character of the guess is the right symbol, in the right place. The 2 means that two other symbols in the guess are in the code, but not in their current positions.  Left/Right  : move cursor 
Softkeys    : put a symbol at 
                   the current position 
ENTER     : submit a guess 
"P" (5)       : pause the game 
Oracle Think of a question! Think your question loud and firmly!  Run the Oracle, and your calculator knows the answer!  (DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY)   
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