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Find TransMat 
Given two points and their images under a geometric transformation, this program will give the 2x2 matrix which will perform the transformation.
All four points must be in the form (x,y).
For example, if (1,1) maps to (-1,1) and (0,1) maps to itself, then the matrix will be...

Make TransMat 
This program will give the 2x2 matrix which will perform, in a single pass, a series of specified geometric transformations. 

eg.  Suppose you want a matrix which will perform (in that order)...

... a reflection in the x axis,...
 a rotation by -90o,...
... a shear of 0.5 parallel to the x axis,...
... and a dilation factor 2.
The matrix will be...

Show Transform 
This program will show graphically the result of a 2x2 matrix as a geometrical transformation.
You can use either the default shape (the right triangle shown below) or define your own (see right).

You need to supply the 2x2 matrix for the transformation, pressing the OK button when finished.

Simult 3x3 
This program solves 3x3 systems of simultaneous linear equations using a matrix.  The RREF function is used for this. (4,2,-3)
For example:

If there is no solution or infinite solutions to the system then the program reports this.  For example, changing the third equation to 2y+z=3 results in the "Infinite solutions" message shown right, since it then becomes a linear combination of the first two equations.

This program will raise any of matrices M1...M5 to any given integer power, storing the result in any of M1...M5.  The example right shows a 3x3 matrix in M1 being raised to the power 3 and stored into M2

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